How does it work?

  • Selling at Chiswick Auctions is very straightforward and follows the same pattern every time.
  • Inspection of the lot by a Valuer – who places an auction estimate on item/s and discusses with you a reserve where appropriate.
  • You will be given a receipt with full details of the items left for sale and notification of relevant sale date – a signed receipt is a contract for sale.
  • The auction takes place – you are welcome to attend, but it is not essential.
  • On the afternoon of the auction, we email or post sale results to you.
  • The proceeds of the sale will be sent by bank transfer 28 days after the sale, minus our selling fees.

Standard sale charges

  • An entry fee of a minimum of £6.00 plus VAT per lot will be levied on every lot entered for auction on each occasion it is offered for sale. The entry fee is payable irrespective of whether the lot is sold or not sold.
  • A commission charge of 15% on the hammer price will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale (min. £7.50 per lot) plus VAT.
  • A damage waiver of 1.5% is charged on the hammer price (with a minimum payment of £1) plus VAT. If an item does not sell a damage waiver of £5.00 plus VAT will be charged. See full terms & conditions below.
  • VAT at the prevailing rates (currently 20%) will be levied on all fees.

The world of auctions

Auctions are unpredictable, and valuing anything is an imprecise science. We work hard to ensure the best prices possible for your goods, however lots sometimes sell under expectations or fail to sell at all. You are earnestly recommended to check with the saleroom immediately after each sale to discuss any unsold lots – as re-entered low value lots can become a drain on your final proceeds if frequently re-entered.

If items are taken in without reserve that is precisely how we execute the sale, as we are required to do by law. Occasionally it could mean that a lot estimated at £80-120, with no reserve, sells to the highest bidder (perhaps the only bidder) for as little as £10, which is our lowest bid.

What do we sell, or not sell?

Although we specialise in antiques, Chiswick Auctions sells a variety of goods including some contemporary and modern items and designer goods. Our minimum lot value per entry is £100. You are welcome to bring items to the saleroom for a free and no obligation valuation. If an on-site visit is not convenient, vendors are welcome to send photographs of items to ku.oc1508701357.snoi1508701357tcuak1508701357ciwsi1508701357hc@sn1508701357oitau1508701357lav1508701357.

Upholstered furniture made after 1950, regardless of original source, MUST have a fire label indicating that it conforms to modern fire regulations BS7177, otherwise regrettably we cannot sell it by law.

What do we not sell?

Birds eggs are illegal to sell in the UK. We cannot sell any offensive weapons that are not antique, and modern firearms must come from a vendor with a proven firearms licence.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Reserve prices may be placed on items offered for auction.  Reserve prices of less than £100 will not be accepted.
  1. In the  event  a  catalogued  lot  is  withdrawn  prior  to  sale,  a  charge  of  £40  or  8%  of  the reserve  (whichever  the  greater)  will  be levied.
  1. Any unsold  lots  not  collected  will  be  automatically  re-entered  into  the  next auction  with  a  20%  reduction  of  the  reserve  price,  and  subsequently  will  be entered  without  reserve.
  1. We do  not  store  unsold  items,  therefore  we  will  sell  uncollected  items  without  reserve, or  prior notice.
  1. Unsold or  withdrawn  lots  will  not  be  released  until  all  outstanding  charges  have  been settled  in full.
  1. Cheques for  the  proceeds  of  the  sale,  (minimum  of  £5)  less  all  applicable charges,  will  be  mailed  to  the  seller  28  days  after  the  auction  date  —  provided that  Chiswick  Auctions  has  received  full  payment  from  the purchaser.
  1. Should any  item  (estimated  £100  or  under)  without  a  reserve  not  attract  a  bid  during the  auction,  the  auctioneers  reserve  the  right  to  dispose  of  the item.
  1. The vendor  warrants to Chiswick  Auctions  that  he/she  is  the  true  owner  of  the  property or  has  written  authorisation  from  the  true  owner  to  sell  the  property and  that all information provided by the vendor including information relating to attribution and provenance is true and accurate.
  1. In relation to imported items, the vendor warrants that the laws of the countries from which the item was exported have been complied with and that the item has been lawfully imported.
  1. The vendor accepts that any estimate or evaluation provided by Chiswick Auctions is a genuinely held opinion only and may not be relied upon as a prediction of the selling price or value of the item.
  1. Collection of  lots  by  Chiswick  Auctions  will  incur  a  minimum  charge  of  £60 + VAT.
  1. Where lots are entered on a signed contract or receipt without reserve, the lot may be sold to the highest bidder, whatever that price. Lots with discretionary reserves may be sold at 15% below the lower estimate.
  1. Chiswick Auctions shall regulate the bidding at their sole discretion. Neither the vendor nor anyone on behalf of the vendor shall bid for the property. Where lots are entered with a reserve, Chiswick Auctions alone shall have the right to bid on behalf of the vendor up to the reserve only.
  1. The cost  of  any  illustrations  is  borne  by  you  and is at  the  discretion  of  Chiswick Auctions. This  includes  photographs  taken  and  used  to  promote  your  lots  on the internet.
  1. Chiswick Auctions  is  not  authorised  by  the  FSA  to  provide  insurance  to  its  clients  and does  not  so   do. However,  Chiswick  Auctions,  for  its  own  protection,  assumes  liability  for property  consigned  to  it  at  the  lower  pre-sale  estimate  until  title  passes  to  the  buyer.  To justify  accepting  liability,  Chiswick  Auctions  makes  a  charge  of  1.5%  of  the  hammer  price plus  VAT.  The  liability  assumed  by  Chiswick  Auctions  shall  be  limited  to  the  lower  pre-sale  estimate  or  to  the  reserve  if  the  lot  was  unsold.  Settlement  in  any  claim  arising shall  be  subject  to  commission  as  if  the  lot  had  sold  in  the  normal  manner. If an item does not sell a damage waiver of £5.00 will be charged.
  1. Chiswick Auctions will not be liable for the loss or damage to frames or glass covering prints, paintings or other works or for damage caused by: moths; vermin; woodworm; insufficient packing; preparation carried out by you or on your behalf. Old frames are often fragile or subject to deterioration and whilst Chiswick Auctions will do their upmost to ensure the safety and care of frames and glass, we will not compensate for loss or damage to property caused by changes in humidity or temperature, normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration, or inherent defect.
  1. You agree to notify Chiswick Auctions within 28 days of any event which may give rise to a claim failing which Chiswick Auctions reserve the right to decline any such claim.

Thank you for your cooperation.