Lot 60

A GROUP OF ANCIENT PIECES Circa 1st Millennium B.C. – 4th Century A.D. Including a fragmentary shabti, with an inscription on the front of the body, holding a flail and crook, with a seed bag over his left shoulder, 7.1cm long; a discus lamp decorated with the figure of a galloping horse, stamped with a maker’s mark on its base, 11.8cm long; a terracotta rosette, 6.7cm diameter; a small footed bowl, with an old collection label on the underside reading “ROME, 1878, M.C” , 7.1cm diameter, 3.6cm high; a miniature skyphos, 6.2cm diameter, 3cm high; a lidded lamp, with umber slip decoration on the lamp and lid, 10.9cm long, 6.5cm high inc. lid; a pale blue glass unguentarium, 8.4cm long, (7) Provenance: Ex collection of Professor Robert McElderry (1869 – 1949) acquired in Greece in the 1930s, Private UK collection acquired from the above.

Estimate: £250-£450