Lot 6

Gillray (James) Anti-saccharites, -or- John Bull and his family leaving off the use of sugar, etching, fine hand colouring, wove paper, paper tone in margins, trimmed to plate at head, with ‘The fall of the Wolsey of the woolsack’ by Gillray printed on the verso & the foot of another etching, [BM Satires 8074], 320 x 405 mm, H. Humphrey, 1792. *** William Fox’s An Address to the People of Great Britain on the Propriety of Refraining from the Use of West India Sugar and Rum argued that everyday consumers were partly responsible for the the slave trade. The target audience for these petitions and pamphlets were women, who controlled the domestic budget. The Queen proclaims: “consider how much work you’ll save the poor Blackamoors by leaving off the use of it.” According to The Abolition Project, by 1792 about 400,000 people in Britain were boycotting slave-grown sugar.

Estimate: £600-£800