Lot 32

Autograph albums.- Incl. Roger Moore

Two autograph albums with autographs on cards or pictures  of English actors from the 1960s, musicians and celebrities including all members of The Hollies, Cliff Richard, The Roulettes, Frank Allen (The Searchers), Dick Emery, Al Jackson (The Applejacks), Eileen Gourlay, Eric Easton (manager of the Rolling Stones), Eric Sykes, Alma Cogan, Peter McEnery, Robert Beatty, Jimmy Savile, Marty Feldman, David Frost, Manfred Mann and Hugh Lloyd, miscellaneous collection including photographs and clipped signatures pasted onto album pages, some pages detached, traces of glue or folds, v.s. (2)

***Provenance: Autographs were obtained by the vendor.

Estimate: £180-£220