Lot 3

Autograph Collection.- Artists 

A collection of autographs, newspaper clippings, typed cards and letters (signed and unsigned, with occasional drawings or musical notation) of prominent artists and illustrators including: Pierre-Jean de Béranger (letter sent from his Paris prison cell concerning his song ‘Le dieu des bonnes gens’, 1829), Kirk Douglas, Landseer, Roger Furse, Basil Champneys, Alexander Fisher, Elihu Vedder, Hubert Herkomer, David Murray, John Ballantyne, William Theed, Henry Moses, Lockhart Bogle, Anna Zinkeisen, Cecil Kennedy, Graham Petrie, Mary Sargant Florence, William Gilbert Foster, Anna Zinkeisen, Robert Philip, Kenneth Loveland, Natalie Janotha and Gladys Cooper (letter to Mr Hentschel: ‘I do hope this does not mean that I shall have to make a speech, as this sort of thing takes years off my life!’, 1923); and others, with few leaflets or programs, v.s. (quantity)

Estimate: £180-£220