Lot 277

Teller (Edward)

Typed letter signed (‘Edward Teller’) to the students of Christopher Columbus Junior High School, on letterhead of Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, saying ‘Today the United States leads the world in science and technology. The world around us is changing. There is an urgent demand in the backward countries for a decent way of life and for the industrialization which can assure this. There is a dynamic development in the Soviet Union to conquer the world if possible by peaceful penetration. He who can offer most to the world as a whole will decide whether our ideals of freedom are strong enough to survive. / It is my belief that the main job which is facing us today is … to lead the way for the whole world toward a better life’, one page, deep vertical crease at left margin, 4to, Berkeley, CA, 21 November 1961.

Estimate: £800-£1,200