Lot 221

Thatcher (Margaret)

Typed letter signed (‘Margaret Thatcher’) to Lord Windlesham, thanking him for his letter on ‘the possibility of setting up new remand centres, distinct from the prison service, employing agency staff and licensed and supervised by the Home Office’ and adding ‘The Government is fully committed to making greater use of the private sector wherever this helps Departments like the Prison Department of the Home Office to get better value for money. We know that the private sector is involved in the day to day running of prisons as well as in constructing them, for example in the United States […] As to your specific suggestion that court escorting arrangements should be privatised, last year the Court Escort Scrutiny Report concluded that the use of private guards for escorting purposes would not be desirable since it would only further complicate an already complex system. It recommended instead that after implementation of the other recommendations, consideration should be given to the creation of a special grade of escort officer to assist the police with escort duties’, three pages, folding marks, minor spotting to left margin, 4to, 10 Downing Street, 12 Aug 1987.

Estimate: £150-£200