Lot 208

Napoleonic Wars.-

‘Englishmen! You have been unjustly charged with Supineness and Despondency. The Enemies of Government and the Admirers of the Corsican Tyrant, have interpreted your silent Confidence, into despair and dismay […] Timoleon’, broadside against Napoleon, age-related toning, creasing, mounted, framed and glazed, 54 x 44 cm. approx, printed by J. Brettell, for J. Hatchard, No. 190, Piccadilly [n.d., c. 1804].

***Large broadside published soon after the end of the Peace of Amiens, a call for ‘Half a Million of Britons to avenge the Insults they have too long endured from a Love of Peace’. The pseudonym ‘Timoleon’ is taken from Massinger’s play ‘The Bondman’, in which Timoleon led the defence of Syracuse against the Carthaginians, a popular source for anti-Napoleon broadsides.

Estimate: £150-£200