Lot 200

Kray Twins.-

A large collection of letters, photographs and ephemera related to Ronald and Reginald Kray, including: a photograph featuring Ronnie with George Raft and Rocky Marciano (this was Ronald’s favourite picture); photos of the clientele at their club, Esmeralda’s Barn (one of the photos has some doodles to the back possibly made by Reg); black and white photographs formerly belonging tho the twins themselves; a large number of letters and cards addressed to life long friend Laurie O’Leary; Charles Kray’s signed cheque from the 1960s; Ronnie’s book of poems which was given to Laurie for safekeeping; several funeral cards for Ronald, Reginald and Charles, c. 1960s-1990s (large quantity)

***Provenance: from the collection of Laurie O’Leary, who was a life long friend of the Twins and ran their club in the 1960s.

Estimate: £400-£600