Lot 194

[Gaulle (Charles de)]

Typed document (‘Discours radiodiffuse du 27 Juillet 1943’) reporting de Gaulle’s radio message rejoicing for the fall (‘chute’) of Mussolini’s dictatorship after his resignation as PM two days earlier. He saw this as the ‘first revenge of justice for France’ and evidence of the failure of totalitarianism, foreseeing the defeat of the Axis, four pages, slight age browning, minimal spotting, trace of rust from iron clip to upper margin, horizontal and vertical fold, folio, [1943].

*** It contains probable variants to the received version—‘une première revanche’ instead of ‘la’ and ‘nous nous garderons de rien prophétiser quant à la date de la victoire’ instead of ‘bien de prophétiser’. There are also a few editorial revisions adding commas.

Estimate: £1,000-£1,500