Lot 146

English, French and Italian Composers.-

A collection of letters from famous English, French and Italian composers and musicians including: George Linley (‘Since you have applied to me regarding the author’s rights in Mr Benedict’s opera, I have consulted two or three dramatic authors, and am advised not to part with them at any price, […] but as I am left to my own discretion and judgement, I will, notwithstanding, take seventy five Pounds for the author’s rights…’); George Smart (to C. E. Michele Esq, reads in part ‘Hearing that the place of Musical Reporter to the “Morning Post” is vacant, I take the liberty of recommending Mr. P. Arnull to your notice for this appointment, I believe that I have already mentioned him to you; from his been formally in the Musical Profession and subsequently for some years employed in literary pursuits, I imagine that he is well qualified for the office.’), George Alexander MacFarren (to Morris Barnett Esq reads in part ‘…In pursuance of their resolution I appoint you to receive the sum & shall be obliged by your calling upon Mr William Chappell the treasurer for payment at the time.’),  Henry Bishop (letter to song writer Charles Mackay, reads in part ‘…If you can make either of them of any use they are heartily at your service. I should think that the list of Vocalists might at least be interesting to the public. The fact was, that though it may have been supposed the Duke would only have given his name, as Director, or Patron, of the Ancient Concerts, I never knew any Director of that institution, or of any musical affair with which I have been connected, who gave more thorough business-like attention to the whole matter…’), Charles Villiers Stanford (‘I have the greatest pleasure in most cordially expressing the hope that Mr W. S. Rochester be selected for the post of Gresham Professor. As the greatest master of 16th century we possess he would be singularly fitted for the position of Sir Thomas Gresham’s Professorship’), Charles Hubert Parry (‘I hope you are not thoroughly disgusted with me; I feel as if I rather deserved it. It was so very kind of you to write as you did & to send me the Dublin paper – & I am most thoroughly appreciated it…’),  Felicien David, Francois Bazin, Benjamin Godard, Charles Lecocq, Alexandre Guilmant, Victor Masse, Charles Lenepveu, Augusta Holmes, Eugene Prevost (‘If it is possible to favour us with three seats or one of the small boxes for the Les Vieux Garçons tomorrow, you would do us the greatest pleasure’), Louis Diemer, Alfred Quidant, Auguste Emmanuel Vaucorbeil, Albert Cahen, Jules Duprato, Emile Prudent, Paul Puget, Victorin Jonieres, Alexis de Castillon, Georges Fragerolle, Ernest Guiraud, Eugene Dejazet, Theodore De Lajarte, Jean-Baptiste Weckerlin, Edmund Audran, Charles Wilifrid de Beriot, Claude Terrasse, Antoine Marmontel, Paul Veronge de la Nux, Alfred Bruneau (‘Mille fois merci, mon cher ami. Votre chronique est infiniment remarquable et beaucoup trop amiable pour moi. Je vous serre tres cordialement la main et vous envoie l’epressions de mes meilleurs souvenirs’), Camille Erlanger (‘… Je vous envie de pouvoir respire l’air de la campagne. Je ne sais pas si j’aurai seulement le temps de faire une simple escapade de 8 jours tant cette sacrée partition (elle l’est doublement) m’accapare…’), Louis Adrien Victor Boieldieu (‘… Happy I shall be, Madam, if this meeting  is to be, perhaps, the beginning of a partnership of which I can only be flattered from all points of view, and if these gentlemen could come tomorrow, Thursday, around 5.30 pm, I shall have the pleasure of awaiting their kind visit…’), Ferdinando Paer (letter in French, saying ‘When I accepted your kind invitation for today, I had forgotten about the first performance of the Marriage of Figaro will be this evening at our Italian theatre and I have to be there to help. Nevertheless, not wishing to miss my duties and at the same time wanting to enjoy your evening, I will send my good Alphonsine, who has promised to eat my portion, and I’ll join you after the first act’), Michele Carafa, Francesco Paolo Tosti, Umberto Giordano (letter to pianist and composer Felice Boghen, confirming he has received ‘your very beautiful Improvviso’ and thanking him for the dedication), Luigi Arditi, Attilio Parelli, Alberto Franchetti, Gino Marinuzzi, Felice Lattuada, Adriano Ariani, Gian Francesco Malipiero (letter to an unknown scholar, regarding an article on Claudio Monteverdi in Venice that should appear on the journal ‘La Rassegna Musicale’), Edoardo Mascheroni, Leopoldo Mugnone, Arrigo Pedrollo, Lorenzo Perosi, Pietro Montani, Franco Alfano (letter to a correspondent called Vitale, saying he is displeased he cannot have Mafalda Favero to sing in his opera ‘l’Ultimo Lord’ and he wishes the company to come to San Remo ready to start the rehearsals), Vittorio Gui, Giovanni Sgambati, Nino Rota, Ildebrando Pizzetti, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Achille Simonetti, Pietro Musone, Gaetano Luporini, Pietro Torrigiani, Michael Costa (letter tin English to organist and composer Henry Smart, reading ‘In reply to your letter just received I hasten to say that the rehearsal tomorrow begins at 12 o’clock punctually and your Cantata being the first to be rehearsed, I beg you to be there by the time appointed’), Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (postcard to Alessandro Vardanega, saying that the Radio of Munich will probably broadcast his quartet towards the end of the month and asking the recipient to check the radio programmes), and many others, v.s., c. 1860s-1910s ( large quantity)

Estimate: £3,000-£5,000