Lot 139

Solms-Rattazzi (Maria Letizia Studolmina de, née Bonaparte Wyse)

Four signed letters, in French, black-brown ink, 1) signed ‘Marie SmRattazzi’, unspecified addressee, with mention of Prince Alfred and Comte de Circourt, little dust-soiling, Paris, 9 December 1862; 2) signed ‘Marie Rattazzi’, unspecified addressee, concerning meeting, slight yellowing, black border, [1848?]; 3) signed ‘Maria Letizia’, to [Pasquale Stanislao?] Mancini, concerning document to duplicate, slight yellowing, small ink burn to upper margin, [mid-19th century]; 4) signed ‘Maria Letizia Rattazzi’, unspecified addressee, substantial tear along centre fold (halves partly detached), black border, Paris, 16 Apr [mid-19th century]; three have letterhead with her monogram (two surmounted by crown), includes her portrait cut and pasted onto card from newspaper, v.s. (4)

Estimate: £100-£150