Lot 132

Mortimer (John)

A very large collection of autograph TV and radio programmes, book reviews, plays, translations and other material related to English barrister, screenwriter and author John Mortimer. Highlights including: several literary portraits of prominent figures such as Prince Charles, Bill Wyman, Margaret Thatcher, Laurel Bacall, Alec Guinness, Edward Heath, Boy George and Woody Allen, six autograph programmes for episodes of the TV show ‘Under the Hammer’, first edition of his early novels ‘Running Park’, ‘Answer Ye or No’ and ‘Like Men Betrayed’, early Penguin paperback editions of the Rumpole books,  television scripts for various episodes of  ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’ (‘Rumpole and the Angel of Death’, ‘Rumpole and the Eternal Trio’, ‘Rumpole and the Miscarriage of Justice’, etc), a translation of Mozart’s opera ‘Zaida’, also comprising a 300-page manuscript for Mortimer’s autobiography ‘Murders and Other Friends’, a copy of ‘Three Plays’ signed and inscribed ‘Peggy, with love and gratitude John 22/X/58’, also featuring a few copies of Mortimer’s original annotated papers, late 1950s-1994 (large quantity) 

***Provenance: from the collection of James H. Heineman.

Estimate: £800-£1,200