Lot 122

Eliot (T.S.)

The Waste Land, A Facsimile and Transcript of the Original Drafts Including the Annotations of Eztra Pound, edited by Valerie Eliot, black and white facsimile plates, with Valerie Eliot’s handwritten corrections on page xxx and 119, dust-jacket, original blue cloth, 4to, Faber, 1971.

***Provenance: the copy was obtained by the vendor’s partner who was engaged with Harvey Hall to read extracts from ‘The Waste Land’ in a broadcast talk featuring Valerie Eliot. According to the letter of provenance included in the lot, ‘Mrs Eliot arrived with one copy of her talk and several copies of the book. The script was photocopied and we read from the books. Afterwards she gave us our copies, which she autographed and corrected in her own hand two or three misprints’ (November 1971).

Estimate: £300-£400