Lot 304

Münster (Sebastian)

[America] Tavola dell’isole nuove, le quali son nominate occidentali, et indiane…, first map ever to name both the Pacific Ocean and the Straits of Magellan, place names in Latin, except for ‘Die Nüw Welt’ on South America, with Ferdinand Magellan’s ship, the flag of the kingdoms of Castile, Italian title ‘Mondo nuouo il quale ha l’isole dell Indico occeano …’ and signature ‘14’ on verso; Tavola della oriental regione dell’ Asia, che comprende l’estreme terre…, map of Asia from the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf to the Pacific, large sea monster and mermaid type creature, Italian title ‘Novata vola dell’ India…’ and signature ‘12’ on verso, [Parry, The Cartography of the East Indian Islands, pp.65-68]; Tavola et discrizzione universale di tutta l’Africa…, descriptive text in strapwork cartouche, crowns, animals, buildings, and a sailing ship, Italian title and signature ’13’ on verso, all uncoloured woodcut maps, on 1 folded sheet, from ‘Cosmographia universale’, [Basel], 1550 or later; with Die erst General Tafel / die Beschreibung und den Circkel des gantzen Erdtrichs und Deeres innhaltend, oval map of the world, showing the southern continent (Terra Australis Nondum Congnita) to include the discovered lands of Tierra de Fuego and what appears to be a proto-Australia, little sea monster, elaborate vine and leave decoration, German text above and below within cartouches, the verso contains German text describing the earth and a vignette representing the final judgment, [Shirley, Rodney W. 163], Basel, Sebastian Petri, [1588 or later], c. 301 x 306mm, light browning, water staining, dust soiling, some spotting, repairs on verso (4)

***The maps are based on Münster’s ‘Geographia universalis vetus et nova’ (1540), an updated edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia, including 21 modern maps.

Estimate: £3,000-£4,000