Lot 298

Honter (Johann)

Universalis Cosmographia, miniature double ‘heart-shaped’ [ie. ‘cordiform’] world map by Heinrich Vogtherr the Elder (whose initials appear on the lower left section of the map), 120 x 150mm, with a partial map of Portugal and Spain on the western half of map, ‘Regiones et nomina ventorum’ on a2r, 48 x 31mm, woodcut, uncoloured, central vertical fold, light browning, minor surface dirt, [Shirley 86], [Zurich, 1546, or later]

***Reduced version of the important world maps by Martin Waldseemuller in 1507 and Peter Apian in 1520, from ‘Rudimenta Cosmograhica’. Honter was one of the authorities cited by Abraham Ortelius in the ‘Theatrum’.

Estimate: £300-£400