Lot 294

Globe.- Loring (Josiah)

Terrestrial Globe Containing all the Late Discoveries and Geographical Improvements, also the Tracks of the most celebrated Circumnavigators, 12 inches, 12 copper-engraved paper gores, hand-coloured, bronze meridian with hour pointer, four leg maple stand, mahogany horizon ring with hand-coloured paper slip showing degrees and zodiac, little cracked and rubbed with occasional loss or minor repair in a few places, wooden hemispheres slightly apart at joint, Boston, Gilman Joslin, 1846.

*** ‘Compiled from Smith’s New English Globe, with additions and improvements by Annin and Smith. Revised by Russell Park, 1846.’ The globe depicts the routes of ‘circumnavigators’ including Cook, Vancouver and Clarke. In the US, Texas and the southwest are shown as a US possession, after the annexation of 1845. An ‘analemma showing the declination of the Sun for every day in the year’ is pictured in the Pacific Ocean. The name ‘Australia’ is glossed as ‘formerly called New Holland’; the Southern part is described as ‘S. Australian Colony’.

Estimate: £800-£1,200