Lot 269

Roberts (David, after) Haghe (Louis, lith.)

A collection of six lithographs from The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt, & Nubia, including: Medinet Abou, Thebes; Ras-el Abiad, coast of Syria; Jerusalem; Karnak; The Dead Sea, looking towards Moab; Temple of Kababshee – Nubia; lithographs, foxing, four folio (330 x 490 mm.) & two half-page (255 x 350 mm.), half morocco portfolio, tattered, F. G. Moon, 1842-49 (6)

*** The plates are all in their scarcest form as issued in the subscribers’ edition: coloured by hand, cut to the edge of the image, and mounted on gilt-edged card in imitation of watercolours [Abbey Travel 385 & 272].

Estimate: £600-£800