Lot 12

Gould (John) & Richter (H. C.) Collection of plates from The Birds of Great Britain, including: Ciconia Nigra; Sturnus Vulgaris; Falcinellus Igneus; Oidemia Nigra; Branta Rufina; Nyroca Leucophthalmos; Buphus Comatus; Ardea Purpurea; Nucifraga Caryocatactes; Mergus Cucullatus, Mergus Cucullatus with letterpress description, lithographs with fine hand-colouring, heightened with gum-arabic, some with stab holes in margins, loose, minor foxing & browning, each sheet approx. 565 x 385 mm, issued in parts, printed by Walter & Cohn, 1862-73 (10)

Estimate: £800-£1,200