Lot 38

An assorted lot consisting of five knives and one pistol. 1) Bowie type knife with 6 inch clipped-point blade and white metal cutlery style handle, circa 1890. 2) Indian or Middle-Eastern kirpan type dagger with brass sheath. 5 inch blade. 3) Turkish or Balkan knife with white metal hilt and sheath (wood lined). Single-edged blade 4 1/2 inches. 4) Turkish or Balkan dagger with white metal hilt and sheath (wood lined). Double-edged blade 6 inches. 5) Indian dagger with wooden sheath and brass lock catch. Brass fittings. Double-edged blade 6 inches. 6) Decorative double-barrelled percussion pocket pistol. 8 inches overall. (6)

Estimate: £60-£80