Lot 3

Heavy mahogany stowage box for a Royal Navy rangefinder (rangefinder and equipment absent). “Supplied by Admiralty” marked to interior. Plate to the outside labelled “Barr & Stroud Ltd. Stowage Box. Rangefinder A.P.10080.” Plaque on inside labelled with various information about the original contents, including “Rangefinder Type F.T.37 and belt mounting Type M.B.12. Stowage Box B.A.73,901.” Inside there are four pads for securing the rangefinder (which is not present), one leather pouch and various fittings for the components. Very robust box with strong hinges and locking mounts, highly decorative. Measures overall 46 1/2 by 10 1/2 by 7 inches.

Estimate: £120-£150