Lot 172

A Colt 3rd Model Derringer pocket pistol, in .41 rimfire, with ivory grips and engraved to Major Reginald Augustus Wymer of the 91st Highlanders (a well known military artist). Nickel-plated with 2 1/2 inch barrel, fully functioning action and parts. Ivory grips with engraved monogram RAW. One side of frame engraved ‘R. Wymer’, the other side ’91st Highlanders’. Reginald Augustus Wymer (1849-1935) was a military painter who served in the 34st Regiment of Foot, the 91st Highlanders and the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, retiring in 1905. His artistic works were collected by Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales (Edward VII) and Queen Mary, among others, and his works are still highly collectable. Overall length 4 3/4 inches (12cm).

Estimate: £700-£900