Lot 98

Ferrers (Lawrence Shirley, fourth Earl)

The Trial of Lawrence Earl Ferrers, for the Murder of John Johnson, before the…House of Peers, in Westminster-Hall, in full Parliament, little spotting, corners creased, disbound, folio, S. Billingsley, 1760; An Account of the Execution of the late Laurence Earl Ferrers, Viscount Tamworth, and of His Lordship’s Behaviour…until the Time of his Execution, loose leaves, small folio, M. Cooper, 1760; with a small bundle of other material relating to Lord Ferrers and his family including another copy of the second item, engraved portraits, &c., v.s. (small quantity)

*** Lord Ferrers (1720-1760), who shot his steward, was the last member of the House of Lords to be tried by his peers for murder and to be executed, with, according to popular mythology, a silk cord rather than the usual hemp rope.

Estimate: £100-£150