Lot 51

Science.- Castiglione (Giovanni Onorato)

Prospectus pharmaceutici…sub quo Antidotarium Mediolanense, 3 parts in 1 vol., lacking engraved title, separate typographic titles, initials and ornaments, 1 of 3 plates only, mounted, light thumbing and waterstaining, oil stain to couple of gatherings, minor tearing, part 2 lacking [pi]4 as usual, library stamp to blank, part 3 lacking P1 (pp. 113-14), and A1 and P4 (blanks?), modern quarter vellum over marbled boards, C.G. Quinto, Milan, 1698; Glauber (J.R.) The works of the highly experienced and famous chymist, John Rudolph Glauber, FIRST EDITION, one plate supplied in facsimile, title and A1 (recto and verso as separate leaves), 9 engraved plates, some marginal dust-soiling and fraying, minor repair, annotation, modern quarter leather over marbled boards, T. Milbourn, 1689; Cudworth (Ralph) Systema intellectuale, 2 parts in 1, title in red and black, ornaments, some browning, marginal spotting, contemporary vellum, P. Fickelscherr, Jena, 1733, v.s. (3)

Estimate: £200-£300