Lot 45


Nollet (Jean-Antoine) Leçons de physique expérimentale, 6 vol., vol. 5 sixth edition, vol. 3 seventh edition, remainder eighth edition, inscriptions throughout by Swedish Physician Johan Gustav Acrel, engraved portrait frontispiece to vol. 1, 115 folding plates, staining, contemporary half calf gilt, worn, Durand, Paris, 1771-7; Euclid, Elementi, 2 vol., geometrical headpieces, text illustrations, foxing, vellum gilt, worn, Pe’l Carlieri all’insegna di S. Luigi, Florence, 1718; Gravesande [Willem Jakob] Philosophiae Newtonianae Institutiones, in usus academicos, second revised edition, title in red and black with engraved vignette, 17 folding plates, modern half calf gilt, J. A. Langerak, J. & H. Verbeek, B. Lakeman, Leiden & Amsterdam, 1728; Brewster (David) The life of Sir Isaac Newton, FIRST EDITION, engraved portrait frontispiece, woodcut illustrations, original printed cloth, John Murray, 1831, v.s. (10) [not subject to return]

Estimate: £200-£300