Lot 294

Spy [Leslie Ward] & Stuff

Cricketing Chromolithographs, including: Mr. J. R. Mason; ‘Father’ (Mr. C. M. Wells); ‘Tom’ (T. Hayward); ‘Monkey’; ‘Bobby’ [Robert Abel]; ‘The Demon Bowler’ [Frederick Robert Spofforth]; ‘Cricket’ [W.G. Grace], mount-staining and spotting, c.385 x 260 mm., Vanity Fair & The World, 1877-1910; Uwins (Thomas, del.) & Agar (John Samuels, sculp.) Academic Dress of the University of Cambridge, including: Proctor; Bachelor of Arts; Pensioner; Master of Arts; Doctor in Divinity; Doctor in Music; Doctor in Physic; Fellow Commoner of Emanuel College, Nobleman and Fellow Commoner of Trinity College, engravings, original hand-colouring, mounted, 300 x 250 mm., R. Ackermann’s History of Cambridge, 1814-15 (15)

Estimate: £200-£300