Lot 257

Hogarth (William)

The Four Times of the Day, ‘Night’ is the first state, the other three are the second state, engravings, woman’s face in ‘Evening’ printed in red ink, laid paper, some trimmed within platemark, repaired tears, some within image, paper tone, ‘Night’ with rust staining and 3 holes, each c. 490 x 390 mm., [BM Satires 2357, 2370, 2382, 2392], 1738; Mills [Isaac, engraver] Enthusiasm Delineated. Hogarth’s First Thought for the Medley, state iii of iii, minor staining in margins, laid on board, platemark 480 x 380 mm., [BM Satires 2426], John Ireland for Messrs. Boydell, 1795; Credulity, Superstition and Fanaticism. A Medley, state iii of iii, minor staining, laid on board, platemark(s) 330 x 440 mm.,  [BM Satires 1785], 1762 [J. Boydell, c.1795] (6)

Estimate: £300-£400