Lot 253

Gillray (James)

The nuptial-bower; with the evil-one, peeping at charms of Eden, from Milton, trimmed affecting image on right-hand side, repaired tear centre, [BM Satires 8985], 1797; The Salute. Vide. The Parade, trimmed, 1797; ‘More pigs than teats’, or the new litter of hungry grunters, sucking John-Bulls-old-sow to death, key in contemporary hand at bottom, trimmed affecting image, 1806; Making-decent; i.e. broad-bottomites getting into the grand costume, trimmed within platemark, damage with some loss to image along left-hand side, [BM Satires 10531], H. Humphrey, 1806; Cawse (John) The Bond Street battalion or the hospital staff from Holland!!!, trimmed affecting title, some staining, [BM Satires 9447], S. W. Fores, 1799; hand-coloured etchings, all c.260 x 320 mm., with 5 others by Gillray, Heath & Doyle, 5 framed & glazed (10)

Estimate: £300-£400