Lot 225

The Indies.-

Tavola undecima dell’Asia. Tabula Asiae XI, depiction of Bangladesh, Northeast India, Myanmar (Burma), Laos, Thailand, Southwest China, Singapore, copper engraved map by Girolamo Porro after Ptolemy, from ‘Geografia cioè Descrittione Universale della Terra’, edited by Giovanni Antonio Magini, Italian text on verso, Gio. Battista & Giorgio Galignani Fratelli, 1598; Child (G.) A Chart of the Coast of Persia, Guzarat and Malaber…, copper engraved, hand-coloured, title cartouche, Count de Maurepas, c.1740; Bonne (Rigobert) Carte de la Partie Superieure de l’Inde en deca du Gange, from ‘Atlas de toutes les parties connues du globe terrestre…’, copper engraved, hand-coloured, central vertical fold, light foxing, 1780; Bowen (Emanuel) An Accurate Map of the East Indies from the latest Improvements and Regulated by Astronomical Observations, copper engraved, hand-coloured, marginal foxing, 1788; and a small quantity of other, v.s. (small quantity)

Estimate: £300-£400