Lot 190

Asia.- Miniature Maps

Porro (Girolamo) after Magini (Giovanni Antonio) Turcici Imperii Descriptio, Venice, 1598; Descriptio & Ortelius (Abraham) Perusiae Regnum, Latin text on verso, c.1601; Mercator (Gerardus) & Hondius (Henricus) Persicum Regnum & Tartaria, from The Kingdome of Persia, pp. 857 & 868, English text on verso, Sparke & Cartwright, 1635; Le grand Royaume du Sophi de Perse, from Picart (Nicolas) ‘Tresor des carte Geographiques’, decorative cartouche featuring historiated vignette, lower left, 1657; De Zee en Land-Reyse van Ioh. Mildenhal en Cartwrigt na Persien en Mogol, from Van der aa (Pieter) Voyages par mer et par terre de Jean Mildenhal et Cartwrigt en Perse et dans le Mogolistan, c.1707; Brooks (Richard) A Map of Asia from the Sieur Robert, Geographer to the French King with Improvements, from ‘The General Gazetteer or Compendious Geographical Dictionary’, decorative cartouche upper right, hand-coloured outline, vertical folds, small repair on verso, [McCorkle, 13-7 (vol. 1) & 13-4 (vol 2)], 1759; Moll (Herman) A Map of Independent Tartary Containing the Territories of Usbeck, Gasgar, Tibet, Lassa & c., from ‘Atlas geographus, or, A compleat system of geography, ancient and modern’, uncoloured, Printed by Nutt, & sold by B. Barker & C. King, 1711-17; Kitchin (Thomas) Asia Drawn from the vest Authorities, & A Map of Karazm, Great Bukharia and Turkestan, from Guthrie (William) ‘New System of Modern Geography’, title cartouche, uncoloured, vertical folds, [McCorkle, 181], C. Dilly & Robinson, c.1780; L’Asia con nuove osservazioni Astronomiche, in ‘Atlante delineato secondo le più recenti osservazioni astronomiche’, uncoloured, Gio. Venice, 1810; with a collection of others, all copper engraved maps, light browning and occasional spotting, v.s. (quantity)

Estimate: £230-£350