Lot 568

Three late 19th to early 20th Century original designs for stained glass windows by J. Powell & Sons, Whitefriars Glass Works, London E.C., for Littleton CH side Chancel, Baxter CH Kidderminster and Belper Church, North Side, each design in pen, ink and  watercolour on paper (3)

Whitefriars Glassworks was England’s longest producing glassworks. The firm is believed to have been established in 1680, and was purchased by James Powell in 1834, with production continuing until 1980. Although the firm produced high quality art glass on a par with Tiffany, it is best known for its stained glass. The firm under Powell became an innovative world leader in the field of decorative glass, and business was aided by the building of hundreds of new churches during the Victorian era. During the latter part of the nineteenth century Whitefriars Glass formed associations with a number of leading artists and designers, including Philip Webb, William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones and William De Morgan. (approx.130)

Estimate: £100-£150