Lot 390

Irish / War interest – A George VI sterling silver cigarette case, London 1938 by Asprey & Co Ltd
of rectangular form with engine turned decoration, Initialled NE to the front. Gilt interior with ‘To the Controller with the appreciation of the London P.C.B September 1941’. Fully marked
Length – 10 cm / 4 inches
Weight – 155 grams / 5 ozt

The initials are for Noel Elmslie (1873-1956)

Irish High Commissioner as his final appointment before retirement was in Ireland. At that time, the British Government considered Eire (the Republic of Ireland) to be part of the Empire and therefore should have a High Commissioner and not an Ambassador but the Irish Government considered that they were a foreign country and would only receive an ambassador. Retiring in 1937.

He was recalled from retirement on the outbreak of war and placed in charge of the Census Office. When the USA entered the war in 1941 he was sent to Washington to advise the Americans on how to set up censorship.

Estimate: £100-£200