Lot 196

A COLLECTION OF EARLY ENGLISH WINE AND ALE GLASSES, 18th Century, including a double-series opaque twist wine glass, the round funnel bowl on a stem incorporating 7-ply spiral band encircling two pairs of spiral threads, over a conical foot, 14.3cm high, a plain-stemmed wine glass with a round funnel bowl and conical foot, 16cm high, an ale glass engraved with hops and barley, 15.3cm high, and a wrythen ale glass with a folded foot, 12.9cm high; together with a Dutch engraved double-series opaque twist wine glass, the stem incorporating two pair of spiral tapes around a central gauze, over a conical foot, 13.2cm high, and a 19th Century jelly glass, 11.2cm high (6)

Estimate: £150-£200