Lot 43

AN APULIAN TERRACOTTA FISH PLATE Circa 4th Century B.C. Decorated with three fish, two striped bream and a torpedo ray, moving from right to left, and with a reserved circle, the scene is framed by a circle of dots around the edge, the vessel stands on a separately made low foot, the deep, downturned rim decorated with a repeating wave pattern, 26.5cm diameter, 6.5cm high,  Literature: A Sicilian plate from Palermo bears some resemblance to this vessel, particularly the erratic circle of dots and the depiction of the ray. See I. McPhee & A.D. Trendall ‘Greek Red-figured Fish Plates’, Basel, 1987, p. 15, no.5. Provenance: Private collection, U.S.A., acquired in the 1980s, and thence by descent. This piece comes with a thermoluminescence test report from Oxford Authentication confirming its antiquity.

Estimate: £2,000-£3,000