Lot 30

AN ANATOLIAN AMULET Circa early 3rd Millennium B.C. In the form of either a stylised ram or a goat’s head, carved from an attractive translucent pink stone, possibly carnelian, the triangular head with domed forehead, nostrils and almond shaped eyes incised, the curved horns extend horizontally, the fronts with etched lines to indicate spiralling, the back of the head hollowed with vertical hole at the top between the horns to allow for suspension, 4.8cm wide, Literature: For a similar example dated to c. 5000 BC see Debra Noel Adams, Emma C. Bunker, Trudy Kawami, Robert Morkot, Dalia Tawil, ‘When Orpheus Sang’ (Paris, 2004), no.2.  Provenance: Trampitsch collection, Paris; UK collection, acuqired 1970s – 1990s.

Estimate: £400-£600