Lot 212

Gowing (Thomas)

19th century Equine Veterinary Instruments collection designed by Thomas Gowing and produced by Arnold & Sons, in London. 
The set is presented in a wooden and glass case which exhibits a green mark with the name of the Producer and included a total of 12 instruments: large, medium and small forceps; a sliding chisel, a guarded chisel with a brass knob; lateral repellers; posterior repellers; a gum lancet and a suture needle. 
The instruments have maximum length of 55,2 cm and minimum length of 12,7 cm. 
Wooden case: 59,8×44,3×23,4 cm. 
About 1866.

***Thomas William Gowing 1810(?)-1888 was a London practitioner who qualified from the London Veterinary College in 1847. He served at the RCVS Council (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) for over twenty years, including periods as Vice President and was one of the Primary Fellows elected in 1877.
In 1850, William Gowing published an essay, descriptive and pathological, on the diseases incidental to the horse; containing remarks upon operative dental surgery and the instruments required.  The 13 page Essay contained an illustration of this dental set, some discussion of the possible causes of tooth disease in horses and explanations of how to use the instruments.

Estimate: £3,000-£4,000