Lot 138

Globe Gores.- Oterschaden (Johann)

[Eastern Hemisphere], set of 6 engraved globe gores, comprising the Eastern Hemisphere, depicting sailing ships, dust soiling, light damp-staining, some abrasions in Anatolia, [George Collingridge, The Discovery of Australia…, 1895, pp. 83-88], Antwerp, c. 1600 [with] Willem (Nicolai) Nova et integra universi Orbis descriptio, engraved map of the world, in 6 gores only, of 12, title cartouches, depicting caravels navigating the sea, dust soiling, some marking, [Shirley 241; Wagner XXXIX], Leiden, 1603, 2 maps on one sheet, mounted on marbled-backing paper; and Bowen (Thomas) A New and Accurate Map of Asia, Drawn from the most Approved Modern, Maps and Charts, engraved map of Asia and New Holland, which newly discovered, is shown attached to Tasmania, minor chipping, light spotting, 1779, v.s. (3)

***Two extremely rare sets of 12 globe gores depicting the world based upon the cartographic details prevailing in about 1540 to 1550. “These rare gores… are executed in the style of fifty years previously” (Shirley). It is not known which cartographer issued his gores first.

Estimate: £1,500-£2,000