Lot 18

Autograph Collection.- Politicians

A collection of letters from various politicians, including: typed signed letter from Joan Hall, reads in part “ I think it would be a good idea if you wrote to Sir Eric Bullus, M. P., to get him to approach the Prime Minister about your Dinner in 1972.”, signed “Joan”, 1 page, 8vo, House of Commons stationary, Barnsley, 12th August, 1970; a typed letter from Sir Eric Bullus, reads in part “If I find that I can fit in a visit to Barnsley next Autumn I will let you know but as I view the matter at the moment I think it may have to wait a little longer!”, signed “Eric. E. Bullus”, 8vo, 1 page, House of Commons Stationary, 15th December 1969; a typed letter from Sir Hubert Ashton, reads in part “…I am up in the House at the moment and neither my Secretary nor I myself have in our diaries a date in the winter for visiting the Northern Cricket Society. There may be papers at home but I do not think this is likely.”, signed “Hubert Ashton”, 4to, 1 page, House of Commons Stationary, mailing fold, Barnsley, 8th April, 1960 and several others (small qty)

Estimate: £200-£300