Lot 104

HUANG DAOZHOU   (attributed to, 1585 – 1646)


ink on paper, hanging scroll

signed Huang Daozhou, with two seals of the artist and a collector’s seal

133 x 44cm.

Provenance: Singaporean Private Collection formed In London In the 1970s and 1980s.

黃道周(傳)   洗心詩中堂

水墨纸本   立轴

款識:塵垢辭虞夏 波瀾長布衣 花溪垂竹葉 砧杵靖柴扉 已信天無夢 但聞雪即非 開眸青浩浩 不共軟雲歸 洗心詩 黃道周


簽條:黃道周 洗心詩中堂

Estimate: £500-£800