Lot 16

A REMARKABLE COLLECTION OF 148 ENAMEL LINER  BADGES AND TIE-PINS FROM THE EARLY TO MID 20TH CENTURY AT THE HEIGHT OF INTER CONTINENTAL LINER DEVELOPMENT, to include four Canadian Pacific ship portrait painted enamel badges of the SS. Duchess of Richmond, SS. Empress of Ireland and the SS. Montrose, also three portrait painted enamel badges of RMS. Tunisian and RMS. Virginian. A blue Funnel Line enamel lapel badge. Also twenty three oval and circular iridescent Butterfly wing badges of the Canadian Pacific, SS. Empress of Scotland, two Orient Line SS. Orion and SS. Oronsay (damaged); P&O, SS. Ranchi (damaged), two SS. Strathmore, and SS. Stratheden; Union Castle, SS. Arundel Castle, two SS. Capetown Castle ( the smaller damaged), SS. Edinburgh Castle (damaged), three SS. Pendennis Castle ( one small oval slightly damaged), SS. Pretoria Castle, SS. Rhodesia Castle (damaged), SS. Sterling Castle (damaged), three SS. Winchester Castle (two small ovals damaged), two SS. Windsor Castle; two Canadian Pacific, SS. Duchess of Bedford wheels (one missing Maple Leaf), SS. Duchess of Richmond, three SS. Duchess of York, three SS. Empress of Australia, three SS. Empress of Britain, two SS. Empress of Canada, SS. Empress of France, three SS. Empress of Scotland, SS. Lake Manitoba, RMS Metacama, SS. Montcalm, three SS. Montclare, two SS, Montrose; a Hapag, SS. Victoria Luise; Orient Line, M.S. Devonia, two M.S. Dunera and SS. Dunera, two H.M.T. Huntscreen, SS. Nevasa and a SS. Nevasa dormitory prize, an SS. Orcades ti-pin and badge, two SS. Orford, a SS. Orion tie-pin and five badges, R.M.S. Orita, a SS. Oronsay tie-pin,two SS. Orontes, R.M.S. Orsova, SS. Osterley, SS. Oranto, R.M.S. Otway; a Orient Line 'PandO Orient Lines' badge, two M.V. Reina Del Pacifico, four P&O SS. Canberra, SS. Chusan, two SS. Himalaya, an SS. Iberia tie-pin, R.M.S. Maloja, SS. Orcades, three SS. Oriana, Royal Yacht Medina, H.M.T. Soudan, T.S.S. Strathaird, T.S.S. Strathallan, SS. Stratheden "Wishbone", M.V. Ulster Queen, a P&O Australia route Double Flag pin; two Royal Mail Lines R.M.S. Alcantara, two M.S.P Manzora, M.S.P. Aracuaya, R.M.S. Arlanza, a R.M.S. Asturias tie-pin, R.M.L. Atlantis and SS. Atlantis, two R.M.L. Highland Patriot, nine P&O House flag pins,a House flag Committee badge, two House small ship wheels and a House tie-pin; a U.S. Line SS. Philadelphia, a Union Castle R.M.M.V. Athlone Castle, SS. Kinfauns Castle, R.M.S. Pendennis Castle, SS. Rhodesia Castle, R.M.S. Walmer Castle , eight Union Castle small ship's wheel House flag badges, a Pacific Steam R.M.S. Orcoma flag badge a small Lines flag wheel and a key and anchor flag badge. (148).

Estimate: £600-£1,000