Lot 1

A GOOD COLLECTION OF MEDALS AND PERSONAL PAPERS AWARDED TO 3714918 LIEUTENANT CORPORAL WILLIAM BIRCHHALL, to include the 1939-45 Star and ribbons (2), the Africa Star and 8th Army bar and ribbons (2), the France and Germany Star and ribbon, the Defence Medal and ribbon, and the War Medal and ribbons (2) (There are copies, as his Mother requested additional copies). Also his Soldiers Service and pay book,a Christmas card from his son in 1941, his Soldiers release book 'Class A', a pamphlet of advice to visiting Troops to Cape Town, a record of service, two hospital redirection papers, two cloth shoulder patches, a boxed cricket medal, various hospital documents notifying of injury, and his scrap book from Sept 1939 to 29th June 1946. (1 bag and a folder)

Estimate: £300-£500