Lot 139

SUFFRAGETTES – An album of poetry, tipped in letters and snippets relating to the suffragette Millicent Browne, including a letter addressed to Browne, whilst at Bow Street Police Constabulary from lady Constance Lytton. The envelope reads: ” Miss Millicent Browne Suffragette Bow Street Police Const Bow Street London” and is inscribed on the verso of the envelope:  “Kindly deliver to Millicent Browne, Suffragette on July 9th”.  The ALS inside sent from Austria and dated Tues. July 6th 1909 reads: ” Dear Miss Browne, I felt so proud (?) for Hertfordshire when I saw your name on the list of the arrested members of the Deputation. How splendid of you to have gone: I know you must have had many difficulties to overcome — which of us has not. This is only a line to thank you, and to take you all my good wishes. Yours very truly and with great admiration for your courageous act Constance Lytton. I am sending this to Bow Street & hope it will be there in time”. Included in the album are also letters from: Laurence Housman, Holbrook Jackson, Henry W. Nevinson, Bertrand Russell and John Cowper Powys. Also included is a reply to television producer Verity Lambert (DR WHO) regarding a historical drama based on the suffragette movement presumably the 1974 Shoulder to Shoulder: Sylvia Pankhurst.  There are a number of poetical passages in MS and relevant newspaper clippings throughout, the open dedication reads: ” In every star that shines I see thee, sweet; in every star that shines, thy soul is lit; in every star that shines I feel thy heart beat as it beat when I lay under it….The sharpened bolt of Azrael struck your heart. And you lay still.” Provenance: Inscribed: ” Millicent L. Price….Nr. Birmingham” “Bequeathed to Hetty Walker” There is an erased dedication, possibly to an Agnes Petite/Partick. Bound in late 19th century calf (spine and boards worn). In the years before the First World War, Millicent Browne marched all over the country campaigning for women’s right to vote, publishing her memoir in 1935.

Estimate: £400-£600