Lot 156

WATERCOLOUR. A watercolour portrait of a boy cricketer in a sailor suit and hat, holding a cricket bat and standing in front of stumps, with woodland and a rustic lodge in the background, inscribed at the foot, “Bayham G. S. 13th August 1878,” 245 x 170mm., framed and glazed, [c. 1878]. A typed note pasted onto the back of the frame states: “Marchness[sic] of Camden. Painting of boy to be framed in American Pattern frame, with 1 inch. Gilt paper flat. Cost of frame 12-9. Nov 1878.” The subject of the portrait, whose artist is unknown (“G.S.” may be his or her initials), is almost certainly John Pratt, 4th Marquess Camden (1872-1943), whose family owned Bayham Abbey, and who would have been six when the portrait was painted. In further support of this identification, the 19th-century lodge pictured in the background is identical to the present lodge in the Abbey's grounds. Unexamined out of frame. "A sweet picture to have and somehow it captures the spirit of cricket as I like to think of it - increasingly so in old age, away from the mad hurly-burly of modern international cricket" (H.B.).

Estimate: £300-£500