Lot 151

RANJITSINHJI, Kumar Shri (1872-1933).  “Facsimile of Letter from Prince Ranjitsinjhi, to the manufacturers of the Norfolk Food of Strength. The ‘Cyclers’ News’ says – ‘Especially adapted for cyclists’ use. Exceedingly nutritious and sustaining’. An Ideal Food for the Old, the Young, the Weakly, or Strong. The Dyspeptic’s Friend ...” Advertisement printed in red and black, with a photographed monochrome portrait of Ranjitsinhji at the crease to the left, and the facsimile letter recommending the product to the right (some light staining), 295 x 370mm., framed and glazed, [c. 1925]. Strangely, the advertisement does not describe the ingredients of the ‘food of strength’ beyond stating that it is “A delightful dish for Breakfast and Supper. In Tins. 6d. and 1s.” It was produced by Goodrich, Hazel & Co., Ltd., Glebe Farm Mills, of Methwold, Norfolk, a company which no longer appears to be trading. "An amusing example of how even the mightiest have their price! But Ranji was hugely extravagant and, for much of his life, he could ill afford to be so. He was well off later on when he became the Jam Sahib of Nawanagar and all his debts were paid. But in the days he was first playing for England he would never have turned away the chance to earn a bob or two, nor too, did Goodrich Hazel & Co of Methwold in Norfolk. An early and amusing example of commercialism in cricket although WG Grace will have got there well before Ranji!" (H.B.).

Estimate: £30-£50