Lot 120

CRICKET BAT. A miniature cricket bat, the batting side printed: “Nottinghamshire C.C.C. Fine Elm from Parr’s Tree, Trent Bridge (1800(c)-1976). [Image of Tree.] George Parr ‘Lion of the North’ (1826-1891). Captain (1856-1869)”, with signatures of the BBC Radio team including Brian Johnston, and, on the verso, signatures of Bill Voce and Harold Larwood, length 295mm., [c. 1976]. "One of the most remarkable pieces in the collection. The famous Parr's tree on the west side of the Trent Bridge had to come down. It was turned into a great many miniature Cricket bats. That day Harold Larwood and Bill Voce, the leading purveyors of bodyline in Australia in 1932/33, came together in 1976 at Trent Bridge for the last time. I was given this mini bat by committee member, Jack Baddiley - and future chairman- and I had it signed by Voce and Larwood. Surely a more important piece of Nottinghamshire cricket history could never be found on such a small piece of wood" (H.B.).

Estimate: £200-£300