Lot 109

WODEHOUSE, P. G. (1881-1975).  The Clicking of Cuthbert. London: Herbert Jenkins Limited, 1922. 8vo. Half title. Original green “pebbled” pictorial boards (without the dust-jacket). FIRST EDITION. McIlvaine A27a. "Life would have been a great deal emptier without PG Wodehouse. I once had a collection of all his books in first edition and most in dustwrappers with the exception of 'The Globe by the way Book' which is the hardest of all to find. This, and the following four lots, are a few of the secondhand copies I have been unable to resist in the years since selling my original collection. The jury is still out on whether Gussie giving out the prizes at Market Snodbury or Lord Emsworth in the Garden Room at Blandings with that unmitigated shit, Alaric, Duke of Dunstable, is his funniest piece of writing. I go firmly for the latter" (H.B.).

Estimate: £200-£300