General sales

We hold a General sale every Tuesday – after whichever weekly specialist sale is being held that week – where a wide variety of items are on offer, including furniture, antiques, toys, silver and collectable items of all sorts.

Chiswick Auctions sale room

For buyers, these sales are perfect for uncovering hidden treasures, whether they are to display in your home or as collector’s items. You know exactly what you are buying, as every item will have been valued by an industry specialist and it’s certainly a more interesting alternative to shopping on the high street, as well as being great value and a good investment.  This part of the sale usually contains a wide variety of items, typically from house clearances .

The General sales are also an excellent place to sell your items and have a quick turn around. If you have pieces you think might be of particular interest, bring them in to be assessed by our team of valuers, Wednesday – Saturday. The weekly catalogue is online by the weekend.

We have a minimum lot value of £80, so unlike the big 3 salerooms who set their minimum lot value at around £1000, we are more accommodating.

If we think an item will be of particular value to a specific market then we will put it into one of our specialist sales to ensure it gets in front of the right buyers at the right time, so that it can achieve the best possible price for you.