Furniture is sold every Tuesday of the year.

We sell furniture every week. There is always a huge variety, from modern design to proper antiques. While there has been a lot of publicity regarding the depressed prices for ‘brown’ furniture lately in the press, the best quality items still fetch good quality prices. Modern design furniture is now sold through our specialist 20th Century sales held six times a year.  We aim for furniture being worth in excess of £200 per lot and generally don’t take reserves below £300.  We don’t sell general household furniture or most soft furnishings (sofas) unless they are exceptional.  Please telephone the office for advice and we will be delighted to guide you through the process.

For valuations and consultation appointments email William Rouse with images and your telephone number please.  ku.1490900799oc.sn1490900799oitcu1490900799akciw1490900799sihc@1490900799eruti1490900799nruF1490900799

We can arrange furniture collections with our van.

Some highlights: