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Tibetan and Buddhist Art 西藏艺术品

The category of Tibetan Art has experienced an immense uplift in prices in recent years and Chiswick Auctions is a leading London centre for the sale of such works within its quarterly Asian Art sales. Bronzes, thangkas and more esoteric pieces continue to perform very well. Sino-Tibetan works also highlight the close historical and cultural interactions stretching from the Chinese capital to the Himalayas – from the patronage of Tibetan art by the Yuan Imperial court to the close ties that the Qianlong emperor created as a practicing Buddhist.

There is strong demand for good quality works possessing solid provenances and the sales attract specialist collectors and connoisseurs of Tibetan art, in addition to collectors of Buddhist art from the East.

Forthcoming Auction: 

Fine Chinese Paintings
Monday 11th November – 9am

Chiswick Auctions continues to dominate the Chinese Painting market in London. The November sale offers 108 lots including a rare and important set of six album leaves from the original, imperially commissioned Compendium of Birds, by Jiang Tingxi. There are also works by 20th century masters Liu Guosong, Chen Ting-Shih, Yu Feian, Li Keran and Luis Chan and contemporary works by Liang Quan, Gu Gan and Li Jin.

The Dragon Awakes – Mythology and Majesty in Chinese Art
Monday 11th November – 11am

The dragon, a universal symbol of Chinese art, in its varied artistic manifestations, has mapped the aesthetic changes across Dynasties. Chiswick Auctions upcoming themed sale, The Dragon Awakes: Mythology and Majesty in Chinese Art, offers a hundred lots of jades, textiles, cloisonne enamel, snuff bottles and silverware as well as mark and period porcelain from across the Qing Dynasty and other porcelain themed around the dragon.

Chinese Export Art
Monday 11th November – 3pm

Chiswick Auctions inaugural sale is dedicated to porcelain, paintings and enamels made in China for export to the West, predominantly during the 18th century and has been treasured for centuries as symbols of sophistication, gracing the hallways of English country houses and European Royal palaces.

Asian Art
Part I – Monday 11th November, 12.30pm
Part  II – Tuesday 12th November, 10am

The expansive Asian Art sale offers a wide range of works, many drawn from important private collections.

Japanese Art
Tuesday 12th November, 3pm

The expanded offering of Japanese art comprises of 154 lots including an important Kakiemon figure, Nanban caskets, Kinkozan Satsuma-ware, swords, Japanese prints, lacquerware and works relating to Christianity in Japan.

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