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Tibetan and Buddhist Art 西藏艺术品

The category of Tibetan Art has experienced an immense uplift in prices in recent years and Chiswick Auctions is a leading London centre for the sale of such works within its quarterly Asian Art sales. Bronzes, thangkas and more esoteric pieces continue to perform very well. Sino-Tibetan works also highlight the close historical and cultural interactions stretching from the Chinese capital to the Himalayas – from the patronage of Tibetan art by the Yuan Imperial court to the close ties that the Qianlong emperor created as a practicing Buddhist.

There is strong demand for good quality works possessing solid provenances and the sales attract specialist collectors and connoisseurs of Tibetan art, in addition to collectors of Buddhist art from the East.

Forthcoming Auction: 

Asian Art, Tuesday 18th February at 11am.

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