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Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art 中国瓷器与艺术品

Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art compose the main section of the quarterly dedicated Asian Art sales which see international collectors and connoisseurs compete for a variety of categories including ceramics, jades, bronzes, cloisonné enamel, ivory, wood and more.

Many of the department’s strongest prices have been for porcelain, which makes up the bedrock of its sales. However, as the market shifts high prices have also been realised for  furniture, cloisonné enamel and bronzes.

The Department is also highly experienced in handling private collections. Attention to detail, lavishly illustrated and academically rigorous catalogues, combined with targeted marketing campaigns and excellent client service, has ensured that the London sales present the ideal means by which to sell your collection. Recent important private collections handled by the department include those of John Marriott and Bernard Buckman as well as several unnamed collections which have each sold for six figure sums.

Forthcoming Auction

The forthcoming Asian Art sale will take place on:

Thursday 4th September 2018


上拍物品在年份上有着非常广的跨越,涵盖了从早期新石器时代到后期的各个朝代并延伸至现代时期,充分体现了中国丰富的艺术传统。除了提供在中国市场上炙手可热的物品外,我们还提供众多符合欧洲藏家品味的艺术作品,包括瓷器,象牙雕件,绘画和其他为早期直接出口西方而创作的作品。我们的亚洲部门曾出售重要的私人收藏品,其中包括约翰·马里奥特(John Marriott)与伯纳德·巴克曼(Bernard Buckmann)的珍贵藏品。


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